Renewed housing support contract

SeAscape are delighted!!!

‘SeAscape are delighted to have retained the South Ayrshire Council contract to provide homelessness and tenancy sustainment support locally. Our new contractual arrangements will commence on Friday 1 December and will also include the delivery of intensive housing support to certain individuals in East Ayrshire.

We are delighted about this development and look forward to building upon the experience and ability of our staff to ensure that a high quality of level of service is provided addressing the wider needs of our service users’.

Chief Executive Officer             Niven Rennie 

Our CEO, Niven Rennie, said ‘The retention of this contract is a fantastic achievement and a testimony to the hard work and commitment of our staff. SeAscape is now a recognised brand in the local community with a reputation for going the extra mile to assist those who find themselves in difficulty and in need of support’.

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